Judo Schools League

Judo Schools League

The Judo Schools League is a new initiative of European Judo Union launched in 2020 in cooperation with the International Sport School Federation. Our aim is to develop and establish a successfully supported programme between all of our European Judo Family for children in schools. Promoting sport through education is a strong ethos which we hold and believe is instrumental in personal development, both on and off the tatami.

We invite all schools to join this project. Each European Judo Federation is supposed to create a National Schools League and to organise the final annual event for the best teams of each region. In 2020 the project will be launched in various European countries including: Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Latvia, Luxembourg, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Switzerland. The best schools of each nation would eventually come together for the European Judo School League Finals.

Judo has a great educational potential and though not all of the young boys and girls going on the tatami will become great athletes, the Judo Schools League project will allow each child to receive valuable training which will set him or her up for life. We hope many schools will take advantage of this initiative.


Board & Staff

Responsible person for Education

Carmen Calvo


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